Hands of Destiny

RK, Perth, Western Australia.

I am a bit numb and somewhat overwhelmed after my Reading with you yesterday. I came across your name whilst googling something entirely unrelated and felt a strong (divine??) push to contact you. It was an indescribably calm, but urgent, sense to get in touch with you. Admittedly, I have been searching for answers to some ‘life problems. You reciprocated that same sense of urgency to guide me by shifting around prior engagements to fit me in within 24 hrs. I thought it was a sweet gesture but you said you were compelled by Spirit to do so as there was no doubt that Spirit had guided me to call you. What eventuated was an hour of enlightenment, of ‘ah- ha’ moments and a profound sense of empowerment. I want to tell you that you have an amazing way with words and your ability to relate matters so that they make sense in their entirety is awe inspiring.


You helped make sense of the changes I needed to make within myself to avoid falling into the toxic relationship patterns i have continued to engage in.  You were firm but gentle with your approach and I appreciate that. I have thought hard about what you said and it makes such sense! You gave me hope for the future without giving away too much :)…. I guess I will have to wait and see what Spirit has in store for me. I suspect the sense of urgency probably had to do with what or who is waiting on the horizon not too far away.  I thank you for helping me sort out the past – very difficult thing to do for someone who holds onto maudlin rubbish- so I can get on with my future.


No doubt I will speak to you soon again. And will be getting all family and friends to call you.


Take Care

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