Hands of Destiny

Rocio, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

I have had several Readings in my past and was always eager to hear hints from what was yet to come. Have been satisfied with them but never felt I fully accomplished the right Reading.

With Rhonda all my expectations were exceeded. Her voice is sweet and clear, and her intentions are so good. It has been the first time ever I have cried through the entire Reading, as she managed to reach deep down to what was stopping me from feeling 100 percent. I had never stopped to realize how important it is to make peace with the past, and Rhonda has been the only person with help from Spirit to guide me through a path of self-discovery.

The Reading was hard, it was the hardest, but the best Rhonda, you can’t believe how pleased I am to have found you, and have spoken to you today, as there were feelings unleashed, I had hidden for many years, but I feel so much better now. I know what I have to work on, and I am looking forward to speaking to her again once I have healed my inner sadness.
She was extremely specific describing every single thing about myself, and my family, which made me feel secure.
I am so happy I have crossed paths with her and will forever be thankful to all what she’s helped me realize.

Huge thanks, and best regards to you both.

Rocio ­čÖé

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