Hands of Destiny

Som-Ling, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

I received a Reading from Rhonda today… and I left feeling inspired and full of enthusiasm for the future. The Reading was honest, thorough and incredibly intuitive.

I received advice on how to look after my health more effectively, which was done in such a gentle and inspiring way that I feel a true motivation to follow the advice, something that I have not felt before.

I received tips on how to achieve what I want to achieve in my work environment and warned of potential roadblocks. making me feel more prepared for these and I think it will ease my frustration when I come across them.

I received advice on relationships and warnings re: old patterns and glimpses of possible future paths, and hints as to how I can assist in helping them come into fruition.

I have been to a clairvoyant twice; this is the third time in my 40 years of life… and this is truly the most detailed and helpful. If you are wanting some guidance on how to tackle the future, not sure on which path to take, I highly recommend Rhonda to get inspiration and guidance.

I thank you, Rhonda, from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given me and what joy it must be to be able to give this to those who seek it.


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