Hands of Destiny

Tameeka, Robina, Queensland, Australia.

I am really skeptical about psychics and had never had a Reading before. 
I had heard about Rhonda from so many of my friends and Family ,each time somebody had ,had a Reading with Rhonda they would rave about their Reading, telling me how extremely accurate their Readings where for them and that she was an excellent psychic Reader . 

I am a single parent so money is always tight, I wondered if l was wasting my money or not but l thought that l would go as l had some questions that l needed help with. 

My first Reading went so well and was just so helpful, that l ended up having another Reading two weeks later and another four months later and that at this present time l have now had five Readings with Rhonda. Everything discussed was so relevant and very accurate on all levels, l feel that Rhonda knew me better than l knew myself. Rhonda has changed my life, she has changed the way that l think, l am so much more positive about the decisions l make for myself and my family. I am not a person who trusts very easily at all and l trust Rhonda, her thoughts and words from her Spirit guides.

I have acted on what has been spoken about between us and on many issue’s either straight away or sometime after it all seems to fall into place.” This still surprises me” 
Rhonda has advised me on preventing things before they happen and l have learnt to have the utmost respect for people that are specially gifted like Rhonda. 

During the Reading, Rhonda had warned me about being flat out, being dehydrated and having a car accident, not a really bad accident but never the less an accident, six months later l was moving house, of course l was rushing around and on this day l was in a real hurry as l had to get the hire trailer back ,( l hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all day)and as l was driving up Sextons Hill, my car catapulted across the lanes and at that split second,( l thought, “gee!, Rhonda really knows what she is talking about” and because of this warning l didn’t panic) But all was fine , some very kind men helped me realign the trailer and l was back on my way again.

Rhonda has given me invaluable information in being a better mum to my child, and has helped me to integrate life’s journey with my relationship, so much so that l have recently gotten engaged and am ready to move forward with so much excitement. 
Rhonda will always be completely honest with you, Rhonda has a very caring nature and is easy to Love and l know, that you will, as much as l do. Without hesitation at all, l recommend you don’t waste time in seeing Rhonda, place your trust in her and you won’t be disappointed, l also recommend that you get a copy of the session as there is so much to take in at one time and it’s great to go back over time and time again.

Much Love Sincerely,


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