Hands of Destiny

Tiffany, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hello Rhonda,

Thank you so much, for spending the extra time on the phone with me, explaining everything you did today. Even though I have been seeing you since 2011 by coming to see you in person or on the phone, I continue to be amazed by your accuracy and ability to get so much detail out and today`s Reading was a god send. I cannot thank you enough, all of this time I had been feeling so miserable with myself and I couldn`t figure it out.

All these months I was going about my life knowing there was something wrong yet not being able to explain it in words and doubting myself and what I value the most as a result.
But I can finally see clearly. You gave me a whole new perception and it has changed everything. Finally, it makes sense and I now feel so empowered holding this new knowledge. I am no longer hurting and have found my confidence again. I am very grateful for your help today and I will continue to ask for your help as I have in the past.

Much gratitude,


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