Hands of Destiny

Vanessa, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Good Morning Rhonda,

I would like to take this time to thank you for all your help you have given me over the past few months.

My 1st Reading
I work with a lady that had been for a visit and couldn’t stop talking about her life changing experience she had with Rhonda, so naturally I wanted to have one as well as I’m no stranger to seeing clairvoyants, I couldn’t wait.
I wasn’t going to see Rhonda for any one thing just a Reading, Well, Rhonda blew me out of the water with the first thing she said, only 2 people knew about this and there was only one of them in the room.
I didn’t know it then, but I was in desperate need of guidance and with Rhonda’s help I was to receive the clarity I needed to get over this hurdle in my life, I still get goose bumps every time I think of my 1st experience with Rhonda.

My 2nd Reading
With my first experience with Rhonda being so positive I knew I wanted to go back to see her again, and it to was absolutely incredible, Rhonda is a clear and concise clairvoyant with a heart of gold.
My Reading was coming to the end and Rhonda said that I was going to have problems with my mother and as I have a strained relationship with my mother I didn’t want to take Rhonda up on her guidance, as I thought I had dealt with this and as far as I was concerned it was in the past, how wrong I was and how right Rhonda was.
It only took 3 months and I was on the phone wanting another appointment and I had mother in-law issues.

My 3rd Reading
I walked into Rhonda’s house and straight up she nailed it, I hadn’t even sat down or touched a card at this stage Rhonda just knew, this was my 2nd goose bump moment.
That day Rhonda showed me so much compassion, I felt she went that one step further to help me heal in these trying times that are ahead of me and my in-laws.

I can highly recommend Rhonda, anyone thinking about going to see her just do, you will have that life changing moment, just like all of us that have gone go to see her.
Rhonda is the most accurate clairvoyant I have ever seen.

Kind Regards,


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