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Zoe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I had felt like having a psychic reading for some time as I felt in a rut despite our long term infertility issues being resolved with a healthy pregnancy. I came across mention of Rhonda in a forum from years ago as I was Googling around on the net. I organized a face to face reading for both myself and then added my husband as he is always interested too. From first meeting Rhonda I instantly liked her….and it became apparent that the reading was in fact very important for my husband. His Dad came through straight away and offered a lot of important insight into his personality traits and future path. A few of our other deceased friends and family came through as well. What I really liked about Rhonda is that she doesn’t ask lots of questions to clarify and lead you into anything. She looks at a photo and tells YOU about that persons personality, life, and if relevant, death.

With no input required from you. Rhonda is specific with her insights, not general ‘your dad is here and he wants you to know he loves you’ ETC. Yes, most people KNOW that, what they want is specific insight into that person. Rhonda picked up correctly on all of our family members including our beloved dogs and offered some important insights into our looming future as new first time parents. Of course there was a lot more but all you have to know is that Rhonda is the best psychic I have ever seen, and I have seen a fair few both here and overseas in my time.

I look forward to seeing Rhonda again soon, when we feel it is time for another reading.

I am very grateful to you Rhonda,

Thank you!