Hands of Destiny

Elle, Singapore

Rhonda and Spirit are amazing! 
I had been pondering over some big decisions in my life in regards to career, the country I’m in, as well as some issues to do with my relationship. I felt like I was about to make a leap, but unsure of what lies on the other side and whether it was the right thing to do. 
After hearing numerous stories about Rhonda from a colleague of mine, I was so sold on the power of Rhonda’s gift that I recommended her to a friend who was going through a tough time, before I had even had a reading! 

Finally, a few things brought me to the conclusion that I needed a reading myself, and ASAP. Nervous and full of anticipation, I booked the appointment, and could not have been more blown away by the information, guidance and advice I received.

Rhonda was so spot on about everything – even over the phone, and me all the the way over here in Singapore. From the character of all the people in my family, to what it was that has been holding me back in life – Rhonda and Spirit have the kind of insight into your past, who you are, the nature of your relationships, career pathways and innumerable other things that are powerful enough to even turn the biggest sceptic into a believer. My head is still spinning! I cannot recommend her highly enough! 
As my colleague mentioned – afterwards, it is almost like you want to make sure every one of your friends and family get a reading just to be able to share in the healing guidance which Rhonda and Spirit can offer! 
I’m so grateful to them both.

Thank you! 


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