Hands of Destiny

Suzanne, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Thank you, Rhonda, for an accurate, sensitive and compassionate Reading.

I have experienced two incredible Readings with Rhonda and both have been spot on.
The first Reading was amazing and the highlight for me was that it gave me, not only insight into my son’s behavior, but techniques in managing it and turning it around very quickly. He is very much on track with his life, over two years later and I am forever grateful!

Rhonda’s Reading was not only accurate, it was also honest and I left her knowing I had a bit of work to do.
My second Reading was equally amazing and she again gave me insight into each of my six children as a means of supporting their interests. Her information was once again accurate, positive and supportive.
Both readings left me feeling spiritually supported and connected with the Universe and on a path that feels comfortable.

Rhonda, I appreciate your effort and skill, and am grateful that you share this precious gift with the rest of us.



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