Hands of Destiny

Sheryl, Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia.

Dear Rhonda,

I was introduced to you by a beautiful patient and her delightful mother in my husband’s medical practice. We had an instant kinship, and shared some intimate experiences in a short time, because of our immediate trust and caring. They told me how you had confirmed their ideas of moving to France to pursue their own destinies, and exuded hope and joy. This sparked my interest, and I asked for your contact information.

I first met you many months ago. I know how sincere and loving you are, and how no-nonsense the information you relay is! I have also given a gift of your Readings to a dear friend, who told me it was the best ever! There is nothing like hearing an audible confirmation or directive from Spirit from a sweet soul sitting across the table, or across the world via a phone connection! When our hearts are troubled, it is like a cool rain following a hot, dry drought – a gift from heaven. I saw you again recently, and you just started where we left off, with the same characters and their challenges and gifts. I asked about my friend, and when I told her your reply, I thought she would cry for joy. She and her beloved husband are going through challenging emotional and financial times, and had wanted me to just ask you “one question”… I plan to bring another friend to you when she is able to visit (part of my lure to attract a visit from her sooner).

You are always direct and supportive. I haven’t asked anything about myself directly, but you have shared so much information about my family, friends, business, real estate and friends. I have shared all with those who are receptive, and just received a letter from my nephew in California, asking me to thank you for your advice and insight. You mentioned 2 books which I have sent to the appropriate family members. I have been grateful for your Readings, and for the opportunity to know you.

May God be with you and bless you and your loved ones always! I hope you receive the love and joy you share with all of us.


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