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Adelheid , Lisarow, New South Wales, Australia.

My partner and I visited Rhonda at the beginning of 2008 for various reasons. We both had split up from our previous partners 7months before, and we had to face difficulties relating to past issues. I had also experienced bullying at work in an environment where bullying should never occur. I needed some guidance with all this.
During the session with Rhonda it became very obvious that she was absolutely familiar with my situation and even people surrounding me at the present time. She gave me a clear picture of where I was at and indicated what actions I could take to change the situation to the positive. I did feel total freedom at all times. The fact that Rhonda knew so many details and names (even of people who had passed on!) without me telling her anything, was astounding !!!!!

I followed Rhonda’s advice and later on started to tie up loose ends and decided not to run from the situation as I used to do before. I can already see the great benefit of her advice and will definitely consult Rhonda again.