Hands of Destiny

Ale, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I am so grateful to have met Rhonda. My first reading with her was absolutely incredible! My mum passed away 11 years ago and after 5 minutes that Rhonda started reading, she said “your mum is here”. I hadn`t said anything to her before she said that. Rhonda could smell her perfume, which was something very peculiar about my mum. She used to use a perfume that left “her smell” in the air around the house, in her car, in her bags, everywhere. Sometimes when I think about her, I still can smell her.

The reason that I went to see Rhonda was a “call” from God. Since I was a child, I have been feeling spirits presence. My grandfather (my mum`s dad) lived his life working with spirits, helping the “new souls” that has just passed away and is still “lost” in the eternity. I grew up listening to his advices and learning from his experiences. For sure, I believe in another life and in the reincarnation`s law.

I had just moved to Australia, in March 2008, to live with my partner, who is Australian and who I met in 2007 when I was here for vacation. When I came back here to stay with him, I started having “the presences of the spirits”, and for some reason I was not in peace. I had left my life behind to follow my heart, I was extremely happy, but something was annoying me and I could not know what and why.

One night, I was feeling uncomfortable at home and my partner found Rhonda`s card, which he had kept for some reason one day when he met Rhonda in a social event. He thought he might need Rhonda`s help one day. And that was the day. I called Rhonda and made an appointment. It was the beginning of my real guidance and insight of my existence.

Rhonda was clear, concise, compassionate, and honest. She could communicate with my mum and grandpa. She described me as if she knew me for years. She told me about my past, my family, myself. She also gave me advices from a mum. At that time, I was holding student visa and finishing my first English course. I was not sure what to do after, and I was about to enroll in a Karate course, just to get more time and finish the one year with my student visa to be able to apply for the spouse temporary visa after that. Obviously, karate course was the worst option and I knew that, but I was “blind” and just trying to make the time pass fast. I was stressed and feeling “unprotected”.

Rhonda was really helpful in that moment. She just said to me “I cannot believe you are going to do karate”. She was shocked, as if she knew me for years. I`m journalist, actress and dancer (back home, in Brazil) and I have been working with my mind, writing, creating stories, acting, dancing. For sure, I could do something more interesting that could improve my life here. It was when Rhonda said “why don`t you do another English course (Certificate III at TAFE) or a Business course”. Definitely, it could help me much more in life here.

Rhonda also helped me to deal with the fact of my “big changing” moving to Australia and restarting my life from the zero. She also showed me different ways of thinking. She showed me that I can do good things in Australia even if it is not my country. She said that the visa “stuff stress” will finish one day, that the time comes naturally and that there was no reason for anxiety. She gave me the necessary strength I needed at that time. She helped me a lot to understand my partner`s needs and his past and after my first reading I could see how it was important for him my coming back to Australia to try our life together, how I could (and still can) help him and his path in life and how we have been learning with each other since then.

I have been living in Australia for 1 year and 6 months. I just got the spouse temporary visa. I have finished Cert III and IV and English. I have got a new job. I`m translating into English my last theatre play. I teach dance one night a week and I`m very happy, confident and sure that I did the right choice leaving my life behind in Brazil, believing in my love for my partner and coming to Australia.

Everything we do in life is for some reason, and the earlier we find the key to understand our path, the better it is our existence. Rhonda helped me to find my key.

She is an angel on Earth and I`m very happy that she can use her gift to help people. And I`m very glad to meet her.

Thank you, Rhonda! For now and always!

God bless you and your path!



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