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Briohny, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

This was my second reading with Rhonda, I was feeling stuck and needed some guidance.
The first thing Rhonda said to me is that Spirit said my hair was different from the reading I had 3 years previously. I was adamant it wasn’t, until after our session when I realised I’d just had 20 cm cut off that week, but it didn’t occur to me, I was blown away, sorry Rhonda!
Rhonda’s no nonsense, honest reading was just what I needed to make changes. Rhonda blew me away with her accuracy and specific details in our first reading. This time it was honesty and accuracy about me. Sometimes we just need to be slapped in the face with the cold hard truth in order to be free.

Don’t read this and think Rhonda is insensitive, quite the opposite, her purpose is to help, and that is exactly what she did.

I just want to say thank you!