Hands of Destiny

Suzi, Yamba, New South Wales, Australia.

“I have had many Readings from professional psychics and tarot experts, both, Internationally and in Australia, none have been so succinct and accurate as Rhonda was in my Reading with her. She did not hesitate; the messages were clear and afterward I felt a great sense of clarity and peace with the information I had received.
The messages and guidance was perfect for the crossroads I was facing as well and gave me some peace of mind for things that had happened in my past in relationships, my career and home life.

I recorded the Reading and have listened to it a few times since the actual Reading and since then many of the things that did not seem relevant have come to pass to be very relevant and true.

I went for a second Reading 4 months after the first since I intuitively felt I needed to…. and again, the messages were clear, accurate and detailed. I was able to move forward with things that I was unsure of and gained clarity in some decisions I needed to make. Rhonda gave me insights into things that were unknown and unclear to me.

I have recommended Rhonda to 3 friends who also attended a session with her. They also exclaimed that the information and energy was true, clear and accurate. They each told me of information that Rhonda gave them that at the time may not have made complete sense, however with time passing it has become clear that her predictions and insights were accurate.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rhonda for a Reading. She is a clear channel with great communication skills. She is honest and upfront. I look forward to my next Reading with her. ”


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