Hands of Destiny

David , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I remember clearly the first time I met Rhonda, she sat me and my wife down, and within the space of about 2 minutes, had said things about myself that she couldn`t possibly have known, and these were not obvious things,( like I was rubbing my eyes and she tells me I had sore eyes), really deep suppressed, hidden emotions and feelings that I never wanted the world to see, or me, for that matter.
Rhonda`s uniqueness above any other clairvoyant, tarot reader, medium or whatever was that she found the “skeletons in my closet” straight away, making it the highest priority for my highest good.

It may have not been what I really wanted to look at (remember I had planned to suppress these events probably for the rest of my life) but in reality, she couldn`t have chosen a better place to start and I truly love Rhonda for that.

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