Hands of Destiny

Dianne , Swan Reach, Victoria, Australia.

I went to Rhonda for a Reading on the recommendation from my neighbour more than 18 years ago!!!
Rhonda and I are now extremely great friends, so much so that Rhonda and Kev had their Beautiful Wedding at my home.
Over the years Rhonda has amazed me with her predictions and insights. On my very first meeting and Reading with Rhonda, she told me that my brother, who was married, was having an affair with my best friend who is also married, I was so shocked, I said “no way that this is happening, I would know about it!”, so I confronted my friend and she confessed that it was true.

On another occasion Rhonda was sitting across from me at a table and said to me, “When you go home you need to make an appointment with your doctor, because you have a lump in your right breast that needs removing, but not to worry, because it will end up O.K. I found the lump in the exact place that Rhonda had said, it was removed, and it was O.K.!!

Another time I asked about my son who was 19 at the time and causing me a great deal of worry, Rhonda told me that he would not settle down until he was 24 to 25, when he would meet a girl with very long red hair down her back. He is now married to that girl; they met when he was just 24.

Rhonda has helped me so much over the years, she`s given me hope in my darkest hours and a reason to go on with the knowledge that things would improve for me. Rhonda told me that I would find my soul mate and marry and be happy at a time when I thought that romance wasn`t likely at all. Of course, this has happened, and I have been very happily married, to a wonderful partner for 5 years now.

I have known Rhonda for so long and I know so many people throughout the years that have had amazing experiences with Rhonda, believe me Rhonda will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, with her pinpoint accuracy on people around you as well as anything that you may want to know about. I am so glad that Rhonda is now focusing on her gift as she is very much needed and now you all have the opportunity to have this life changing experience.
Rhonda is amazing, and I recommended Rhonda unconditionally.

Thank You Sincerely.



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