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Doreen, Croydon, Victoria, Australia.

On the day I contacted Rhonda for a reading I had been very down and out for some time. I was stuck in the past, which was pulling me further and further into a spiral, I was fearful of the future, and as a result my present was full of drama and negative emotions, resulting in health issues and more of what I did not want! I have done a lot of work on myself and I could ‘see’ the pickle I was in, and I finally realized that no man (or woman) is an island, and if I wanted to get out of the darkness, I would need someone to shine a light, and that just happened to be Rhonda.

I am in no doubt that ‘Spirit’ guided me to her, as I had been feeling very disconnected from my own God self and could not hear anything from that direction. Rhonda told me things about myself like she knew me, yet I had never met her and only stumbled onto her website after Googling for hours for a good Clairvoyant, and finding some great testimonials about her on an unrelated site.

Rhonda gave me enough information to take me to the next level, without giving me too much that I might become complacent. She was firm but compassionate, and I felt the energy of her spirit advisers coming through to assist me and show me the ways to heal my life and to regain the faith and trust I had apparently misplaced (because we all know they cannot be lost, as they are a part of each and every one of us).

So much stuff has shifted for me this week! I have let go of a huge weight from the past, my current relationship has blossomed as a result and I am looking forward to the future regardless of what it has in store. I had come to believe that I needed to ‘know’, and to be able to control outcomes (yeah right) and now I know that ‘Spirit will always have a better plan for me than I have for myself’ … Wow, what a relief! Whew!

Thanks so much Rhonda for being willing to be ‘the messenger’ as I am sure that as rewarding as it must be to help others as you do, it can also be a tough gig at times … I look forward to speaking with you again one day.