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Monia, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Rhonda this morning & although had no idea what to expect felt an overwhelming sense of emotion & peace when I left, to hear from my mother was the greatest gift of all and so many validations came through that nobody could possibly have known except for her immediate family, right down to the wonderful sweet way my mother smelt to all the pain & anguish she so sadly is still holding onto to, I only hope that me meeting with Rhonda will give my mother some closure to now move on & that everything she is feeling is OK but now time to really commence her healing so when we meet again I can hear further validation of more enjoying things she feels & see’s around me & my family.
Rhonda knowing about my work situation to my home situation & the knowledge of us wanting to begin a family is something only I/We know and could not be a simple guess, once again validating just how powerful Rhonda’s spiritual guidance is within her & I believe we should all be ever so grateful that we have someone like Rhonda to help guide us through our own spiritual path in life.

Thank you so much for your time today & I am so honoured & grateful to share with others the experience I embarked on & am very much looking forward to meeting again in the not so distant future.