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Fiona, Nowra, New South Wales, Australia.

Dear Rhonda,

I have been thinking of you each day as I worry and stress about how I am going to pay my bills….and I say to myself about 100 times a day that Rhonda said, that Spirit has a much better plan for me and Noah then we do for ourselves. That Spirit will help me find ways to earn enough money to pay my bills and that soon I will have enough money to pay back the people who have been so generous to me in the past.

I wanted you to know Rhonda, that between mum and I and all our conversations about “Rhonda said this and Rhonda said that” you have become a member of our family. Ha, sorry about that…..Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that every day I thank Spirit for certain people in my life and you are one of the people I thank Spirit for. I am so incredibly grateful that you have come into my life and my mums. You have helped us both makes wonderful changes and some very difficult changes, but in my current time of difficulty, I am also meditating on the fact that good and great things do occur after we have worked hard or struggled long enough to achieve them…..