Hands of Destiny

Eve, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hear Ye! Oh People Of Thee Town…Oh! Hear Ye!……

Oh Rhonda! I knew that you were one of the lords angels, that he sent down to earth to council & heal so many painful & confused souls. You truly are a saviour of so many souls. And yes, after checking out your website, I agree on EVERYTHING that is stated in testimonials to you.
You are a magnificent lady with such a rare & wonderful gift. I love you sooo much & it certainly looks like you have your very own fan page out there which is fabulous! xoxox
You saved this emotionally traumatized woman’s life…..& it’s so nice to hear & know that so many people out their appreciate you & adore you as much as me because you deserve to be standing high on the pedestal that I have personally placed underneath your feet to raise you so high up into the clouds of the Angels & heavens, because you do so many great things without realizing it for sooo many emotionally unfortunate people.

You sincerely are a blessing from God, & I am so happy, fortunate & thankful to have had my life’s journey lead me straight to you 4 years ago. You are honestly one of the best things that life has ever thrown my way.
Again, I am so thankful to be able to read such wonderful testimonials to you; it fills me up with such happiness, joy, fulfilment & satisfaction that you are so adored by so many.


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