Hands of Destiny

Nicole, Tweed Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

Hello All,

A family member recommended Rhonda to me. I have been too many clairvoyants/psychic mediums etc, over the past twenty years. This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a testimonial as I truly believe Rhonda is the real deal and definitely worth every cent….and then some.

Rhonda is definitely a person who is honest, humble and very insightful. Rhonda tells it how it is…..not how you may want it to be. So many people I have had Readings from over the years will tell you everything you want to hear, you know the type….”yes you will win lotto, get the house you want, marry Mr. Perfect “….the list goes on. Rhonda is not like other clairvoyants/psychic mediums…what she does and says during her Readings is just phenomenal….I even urge people who may be a bit skeptical to see her….because she will definitely change the way you think. I’m a person who is not easily lead or gullible.

If anything I’m very cautious when getting Readings…I like to keep an open mind and see what information is given to me. If you have ever had a Reading before you will know that there are some good ones and some not so good ones. Rhonda is a GREAT one….For the record I am not receiving any benefit in any form for writing this testimonial. I am just writing it as a thank you to Rhonda and also in the hope that it may give you some confidence that neither your time nor money will be wasted by getting a Reading with Rhonda. She is legitimate and she is a person that will really give you that information from ” Spirit ” that you NEED to hear….not what you WANT to hear.

Good Luck!

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