Hands of Destiny

Heather, Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia.

I am writing this testimonial for Rhonda.

A few years ago I met Rhonda and we became friends.

It’s funny how people come into your life for a reason, and I believe that Rhonda was in my life to help me through the worst time of my life. Rhonda and her husband Kev, came to see me the day after our beautiful daughter died suddenly while on a Contiki holiday in Rome. The papers were quick to say drugs and alcohol were probably the cause, but Rhonda just held her hand to her chest, and said it was her heart ( which it turned out to be a heart attack. )
Thank God, because the autopsy took nearly seven months to come through.

It was like having a phone line to the other side having Rhonda, because she immediately was able to connect to our daughter in Spirit. Rhonda said that she was an incredible strong Spirit and very organised, because she told Rhonda what song to have, what she wanted us to wear (at the funeral) and so many other important things. We had a bit of time to organise things because, they had to bring our daughter home from Rome, but one thing that was very important, was that Rhonda advised us NOT to go over to see her body, because my daughter in Spirit told Rhonda, that was the reason she passed overseas, and that she wanted us to remember her as she was before she had left for her trip. It was hard, my sisters wanted to go, but in the end we didn’t, and I am so grateful for that. My memory of my daughter was her joyful look, as she was hopping on a plane, for the trip of a lifetime.

There were nights when I would ring Rhonda crying, and asking if my daughter was ok? and did she feel anything? all the questions you want to know about your loved ones, after they have gone ! Rhonda was amazing, I can honestly say that without Rhonda and her wonderful husband Kev, my family and I would not have got through this time. Rhonda has an amazing gift, there is no question about it and she has continued to help us as much as she can. There are so many stories to tell of things that have happened and of strange coincidence, which even my husband, a non believer could not ignore.
I will forever be in debt to Rhonda and Kev and thank them for giving me a life back after such a terrible time.

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