Hands of Destiny

Mel, Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia.

I was introduced to Rhonda through my partner whom had experienced a Reading with Rhonda. His explanation of his Reading made me very curious and interested, as he himself is very particular when it comes to psychics. He then looked me square in the eyes and said,” She is the real deal, and she gives it to you right between the eyes”, after that I said I have to see this woman.

A few days later I was able to have a Reading, at first, I felt rather nervous thinking, what if she doesn’t like me, etc., my ego was running on over- drive, then I thought, who cares, I’m not going to make friends I’m going to get her advice and wisdom.
Well wasn’t I in for a shock, Rhonda not only gave it to me “right between the eyes” she also spoke with an open heart, love , truth and divine “Spirit” or whatever you wish to name it.

It was not only an awakening for me and my personal growth, but a profound experience on all levels, a true blessing from Spirit.
Thank you Rhonda with eternal gratitude,

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