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Karena, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

Hi Rhonda,

I`m just wanting to let you know as I`ve spoken and referred you to many people since my first reading around 9 months ago, and though I have effortlessly expressed my gratitude and wonder of your amazing insight during the reading…I haven`t quite got around to telling you-until now!
Thank you, you (and your guides) supported me to see who I was..and who I was pretending to be. This reality checked really did save my relationship with a beautiful loving man and father to our child-I would have sabotaged it if it weren`t for a good dose of truth and a wake up call!!!

When I came to see you the second time, I was quite nervous, as the first reading had been so spot on (even about things I had no idea about yet!) and transformative that I didn`t know what to expect…funny as you didn`t remember me…but your guides did & they knew of the big changes Id been through!!!
I remember your words and readings often when I feel uncertain in my life, and thank you…that is so precious.
I will continue to recommend friends and clients to you, I have been fortunate to witness their blossoming and faith grow from a visit to you also.

May you always feel supported and blessings of grace to you on your very special path and work.

Many thanks,