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Mary, Dubai, United Emerates.

I was told about Rhonda by a friend of mine, also a valued client of Rhonda’s and as always I was a bit nervous and unsure about going ahead with a reading. I finally did when I needed it most and for the first time in maybe all my life, I finally feel like I’m on the right track and everything feels so right for me right now because of Rhonda’s advice. Rhonda was very assertive in the way she passed the messages from Spirit to me, but it was wonderful and exactly what I needed.You could say I had a wakeup call with Rhonda, with the help of Spirit guide, Rhonda was able to get to the root of my troubles and reset my thinking back to the way it should be. Rhonda was able to show me things I didn’t even realise what was going on in myself and now I feel so optimistic and clear headed. As she promised, just make the right decision and everything will fall into place and I feel that is happening. I have a plan now and feel ever so grateful for Rhonda’s insightful wisdom.

Anyone at a crossroads in life who needs the guidance should not hesitate a session with Rhonda and Spirit.