Hands of Destiny

Lea, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

My session with Rhonda was amazing!

From the first time I spoke to her I could feel her very strong and warm presence and when making the booking I was reassured by her professionalism. I don’t really know where to begin, as I found the one session helped in so many ways.
I guess most importantly was the messages Rhonda gave from my mother who had passed years before. The things that she said and described were so pertinent, even down to my mother’s mannerisms, I could feel her presence with us.

Rhonda revealed to me that my mother was around me often, in the spirit world, helping and being with me. This was extremely comforting, for there have been times, especially when things are difficult that I would feel if only mum was here. To know that she witnessed the birth of her first grandchild and was there at the most important times, was healing and released some sadness from my heart, bringing joy that she knew my baby, and what was happening in my world. Especially as my own belief system had differed from this understanding with regard to what happens after death. I am grateful for this revelation.
Rhonda was so spot on, on so many levels, in many aspects. Revealing things that I did not expect to find out or was even seeking, but clearly as she says Spirit reveals what you need. Clearly Spirit works very powerfully through Rhonda.

Rhonda is so accurate, but also gracious and very straight.
I saw Rhonda at a time when I was needing to move house. She picked up on this and said the move would occur in about 7 weeks. This information really helped, as at the time I was anxious and ready to move ” yesterday “. Being given that one piece of information helped me to relax when things felt like they weren’t falling into place, yet. I kept saying, ” Rhonda said ” and sure enough the move occurred 7 weeks to the day, in the exact area that she said suited us. Again even being given the name of the area that was suitable really helped in my house hunt as it narrowed down the dozen or so suburbs we were looking in.

I recommend Rhonda to everyone. She is a true gift! In these times when we might need outside guidance, she is a blessing. Clearly aligned to The Truth, I’m sure Rhonda is an Angel, and I will be visiting her next time I have some big questions, or major choices or even to find out what Mum has to say.
Thank you Rhonda for your generosity of time and spirit.

Om Shanti,


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