Hands of Destiny

Talia, Victoria, Australia.

I came across Rhonda`s site on the internet and I just knew that I need to have a Reading with her, me and my husband both did it, and we were both amazed by this beautiful woman. I was very excited about talking to Rhonda, and after a few minutes I felt better, she was so gentle and asking over again if I understand what she was saying to me (English is not my first language) it was very important for her that I will understand the message, and what she was trying to tell me, so I will be able to change what I need to change.

Rhonda told me things about my family that helped me see things in a different way, helped me understand things better. I also didn`t have a direction as to what to do next, and she helped me with that. She was very honest and caring, said some things that were hard to hear but it was good I heard them. I will recommend any one to call or see Rhonda, as I see it, she is an angel that can and is helping a lot of people, she is amazing!!!! I am looking forward to many Readings with her….

Thank you, Rhonda, you are a true light,

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