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Lee. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I have been meaning to write this testimonial for some time. I find it hard to put into words how Rhonda has helped me over the last 2 years.

I first visited Rhonda after a difficult break up. Her outstanding gift helped guide me through the grief and gave me a little push in the right direction to ensure I could heal the way I needed to, in order to move forward. Though a lot of what she had to say was hard for me to hear at the time, I took it all on board and battled through, working on myself, my issues and began to really understand how what had happened to me was for the better.
Two years on and I am so grateful for the experience and what it taught me. For anyone who is a ‘non-believer’, you simply must book a reading with Rhonda. She will amaze you with the things she knows. Things that no-one else on the earth could possibly know.

Rhonda’s work with spirit is phenomenal and I thoroughly recommend anyone looking for some guidance and direction pay her a visit.

Thank you Rhonda,