Hands of Destiny

Rebecca, Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia.

Rhonda came to me highly recommended by a close friend, my jaw dropped as she told me of her experience. I knew I had to make an appointment. So I had my first Reading with Rhonda in 2008. It was unlike anything I`d ever experienced in the past. I was truly amazed by her accuracy. Rhonda is my “go to lady” when I`m stuck and need to hear it as it is in order to heal any aspect of my life. Rhonda has helped me to see and understand how my beliefs, patterns and family legacy affect my life thus empowering me to make necessary life choices to keep me on my path of highest good. She has given me hope, praise and encouragement to overcome some pretty tough times in my journey, I am forever grateful.

As Rhonda says she isn’t “all marshmallows and fairy floss” but she is truthful and to the point, so keep an open heart and mind to receive the information and healing you are there for. Rhonda is an outstanding Reader, and it was truly a blessing to have come across her. I highly recommend Rhonda and will continue to be a happy client.

Love and blessings,


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