Hands of Destiny

Karen, Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Rhonda was recommended to me by a trusted friend who had been told about her by a trusted friend. I heard how enthusiastic they were about Rhonda’s Readings & felt inspired by them to make an appointment. I was not disappointed! As I drove to meet Rhonda, I went over in my mind what I wanted from the Reading, why I was asking Spirit for guidance. It was “spooky” (in the nicest way!) but after introducing herself Rhonda immediately covered everything, I had mused upon during my journey….everything. I say Rhonda did it, but Rhonda is clear that it is Spirit talking.

I received clarification, confirmation & encouragement & left feeling very appreciative of Rhonda`s gift. I have recommended her to my mother who recently had a Reading which again demonstrated Rhonda`s ability to communicate with Spirit for us.
Amazingly accurate, fearlessly honest & totally respectful, it is hard to find words, I can only say that I will continue to recommend Rhonda to people I know who may want some guidance. I offer this testimonial as a thank you to Rhonda who has helped some of the people close to me as well as myself.


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