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Melissa, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hi Rhonda,

I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

You are an absolute angel ! Even we haven’t got chance to meet face to face, But you always bring so much positive things in my life and i am gonna do it for sure like what you always advised me. I know you know what i mean. You Healed my heart and you lighten up my curiosity from the dark and always give me the most honest answers. Your exquisite work is genuine and Rhonda, i can’t thank u enough for this. Every words that you and spirit said is right. About my life past and present. I know that u are so accurate and now I cannot wait to face my future. I am looking forward to it. You helped me to find myself back and I am more confident with myself now more than ever and to live in my life.

I dont have to worry anymore because I have you and I know that you always be there for me. Your ability is a truly gift. And I really, really hope that everyone in the whole world is able to know, understand and believe and don’t even think to doubt about it. It is still a surprise to me everytime i think about that you are more than anyone in this world who know more things about me (everything!!) ..even myself don’t know who i really am. U have told and guided me to turn my negative in to positive so I can improve and believe in myself. Your such an inspirational woman and I am so glad that I found u. Thank u for every second u spent for me to support and being very patient to me and care about me. I very appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and i also want you to know that u meant a lot to me.

Kevin, thank u for sharing your wonderful wife to us.. She is my most precious stone I have ever have in my life and someone that i always looking for and someone that truly loving and care about me and I’m so grateful that I finally found her.