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Marius, Dromana, Victoria, Australia.

For all those that have never done anything like this before.

My session with Rhonda has been a life changing experience.
There is all sorts of amazing technology out there and we’ve put a man on the moon, but for a person one has never met, or knows or has never had any contact with family or friends, to be able to relate your past fifty years to you like somebody has kept detailed notes is truly amazing.

Rhonda and I have never talked face to face; we had a very brief conversation on the telephone for me to find out what was required for a reading and how to make a booking.

From the photos of my parents and the photos of my kids and wife, Rhonda was able to relate back to me with absolute clarity and accuracy the family dynamic I grew up in.
This confirmed and helped me to understand the feelings I had for my family,
This was all a bit confronting at the time due to the accuracy of the information imparted to me.
Rhonda was also able to tell me what my strengths are, and what things I needed to work on, she also gave me an indication of how my career would pan out.

On reflection this has been very positive, as it has helped me to process these feelings and move on and not be burdened by the past, helping me to have a clear focus on the future.

People say, “You make your own luck” I believe if you have a vision, and you follow your dream, it will come true.
Rhonda has helped me to see through the fog, and confirmed a lot of what I knew within myself,
Having that confirmation has made me feel a lot more confident within myself and in turn I feel I have the power to pursue my dreams.
This I think has also made me a better person, because when one feels confident and happy, those around you can’t help but feel the same way.

Thanks Rhonda,