Hands of Destiny

Samira, Tasmania, Australia.


I now have had 3 Readings from Rhonda over a period of 1 year.
As I do intuitive work myself, I am aware, a lot of Readers will tell you what you want to hear, or they read your fears… This is because the Reading is not coming from source / higher planes… This is not the case with Rhonda…
Rhonda Reads the highest truth…in that moment, and the most probable outcome for that moment… She gives you the information, black and white.. Which as in my case was a huge shock..yet has been vital information for me.
Through Rhonda, Spirit gave me information I didn’t want to hear… yet I trusted,.. Followed Spirits guidance and at present my life is in the process of turning around.
I am not a person who gets a Reading from anyone or many Readings… Yet when I am in a time of need for guidance, I know i can trust Rhonda’s gift.
Rhonda is a person of high integrity and does care… She gives of herself
100% in a Reading..
This woman is booked out for a reason… She tells you how it is ….very accurate.

Thank you Rhonda..

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