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Michelle, Gold Coast, Australia

My first experience with Rhonda, was through a friend, she had an unexpected reading with her, and I was truly amazed at the accuracy of what Rhonda had to say. At the time, I had a very good reader, but felt that I needed more guidance, and that is exactly what Rhonda gave me. No beating around the bush, or sugar coated effects. Complete in your face knowledge of what was happening, and what I need to do to change this for the better. I have so much respect for this woman and her very special gift that I have sent many of my friends to her, with the same amazing results. We all seek guidance, when our lives are out of balance.

Rhonda gives you the tools, to change the patterns that cause this, and bring some peace back into your life. Her knowledge comes straight from Spirit and is a truly life changing experience.

Many thanks Rhonda,

Love and Blessings.

Michelle. x