Hands of Destiny

Modi, Berlin, Germany

I am an Australian living in Germany. Rhonda did a Reading for me when I was on holidays visiting my parents in Australia in July 2008. The Reading was extremely helpful and I was very grateful that I was guided to Rhonda and thankful for this contact.

I found Rhonda professional, sincere and extremely helpful when it came to organizing a reading from Germany. The time differences and the distance on the phone was no barrier for Rhonda or myself to be connected. She was able to offer me the same guidance that I found so helpful in person (face to face) in Australia.

I am so happy to be able to receive Rhonda’s Guidance also from Germany or anywhere in the world. For people who travel or live outside of Australia, it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to receive Help from a true spiritual person like Rhonda.

Thank you so much Rhonda, for making this possible.

Kind regards,


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