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Michelle, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I have been a seeker of the Truth my whole life. I have spent endless hours at seminars, in ashrams, reading, meditating and learning about myself. So when Rhonda said to me that a reading with her would change my life I thought “yeah right”.

But she was so right.

The one hour I spent with Rhonda completely turned my life around. It was very obvious to me that Spirit was speaking through Rhonda, and in that one hour, Spirit ironed out the complex knot of limiting beliefs, thoughts and ideas that had been keeping me from the very Truth I craved for so long. By no means was it a pleasant one hour. It was the most confronting “tell it like it is” session I have ever had. So much of what Rhonda said confronted me at such a deep level, yet Spirit was able to answer all my “yeah but” protests and explain simply and directly the path forward.

Afterwards it took me two days to just process and assimilate all that I had been shown. Upon reflection I see that my “issues” were running me so totally, staining every thought, decision and action, that I needed the nuclear power of Rhonda’s direct information to blow it apart. And now I feel totally free, in a way I could not have even imagined before, doorways that were hidden from my view now opening before me like magic.

Thanks Rhonda!
Thank you so very much Rhonda.