Hands of Destiny

William, Palm Springs, America.

Hi Rhonda, first and foremost, thank you for your wonderful Reading and helping me, I have gone home now, back to the USA, where I live, which is in Palm springs.

Your Reading has really turned my life around, thank you for helping me in forgiving myself, and I now realize it was not my fault what had happened in my life.
I have been too many psychics in the USA, and none could tell me anything, but you were spot on, you are the only person in this world who knew that I was sexually abused when I was nine, and all these years I have kept this pain and now you have helped me to release it. I have kept this pain and suffering for 45 years and it feels so wonderful to release it and go on with life, being a better person and be able to trust and communicate again with friends.

To be honest with you, at first, when my friend told me about you, I was a bit reluctant and thought you would say what I have already heard before, but boy I was wrong, I am still so amazed that what you told me, no one in this universe knew, and someone from Australia, a nice psychic lady, which is you, told me the truth. At last I have told my sister about the pain, and now we communicate well.

YOU are my fairy God Mother, and I thank you, and love you for your truthfulness and honesty, and guess what, I will be back next year to say hello and again and again……………….

Thank you again, my precious stone.

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