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Peter, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

My wife and I met Rhonda by chance at the Murwillumbah Show ground in 2002. We had been casually walking around. I had seen Rhonda before in town but was skeptical of this type of medium. Although I knew it was valid, I was aware that not everyone was honest. The day we met Rhonda at the show, she gave us a lot of good advice on subject matter that was more than personal and in no way general, this specific information was very helpful. Also on that day Rhonda did not ask us for any money as we were not carrying any cash (we later sent her payment), for we highly valued her service. So here it is, if you want a no-nonsense source of information on subjects that you may or may not know that are affecting your life, then I highly recommend Rhonda’s valuable time and services. She is accurate, understanding, helpful and very kind.

This kind of gift is rare and we are very grateful for your help Rhonda in guiding us through known and unknown life experiences.

Thank you,