Hands of Destiny

Ray, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


I visited Rhonda for the first time in September 08 and l have yet to find the right words that best describe my experience.”Truly Amazing” is what pops into my head, but l know it was much more than that.

The knowledge and truth that l received via Rhonda has yet to fully soak in, but it gave me an instant feeling of slight sadness, but of immense joy. It feels to me right now that the truth and knowledge l received is travelling through my body and healing 35 years of trapped emotion, and l cannot describe how good it feels. I can honestly say that l have waited my whole life for this experience.


It has been a month now since l visited Rhonda and the positive change that has happened in that time has been a true reflection of the truth that l received via Rhonda. I urge others looking for answers and love in their life to make the decision NOW to contact Rhonda.

Best Wishes to All,


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