Hands of Destiny

Rebecca, Kirra, Queensland.

I first met Rhonda just over eight months ago and have wanted to write a testimonial for Rhonda ever since.
I have been a little embarrassed, and have found it difficult to admit that l “believe”. Being a skeptic of all things l don’t understand, l have found it surprising to come to the realization that l put my complete trust in Rhonda and her Spirit Guides.
Throughout my three Readings, at a time in my life where l have needed to be strong, Rhonda has given me strength, courage and comfort and has helped me to see the truth in situations and has allowed me to better understand myself.
At times when l felt like crying ….or screaming….Rhonda has kept me grounded with the knowledge of things to come.
Sometimes l ask myself if it is cheating, going into the world with the knowledge passed on from Rhonda and Spirit, but then l think ….the world is sometimes a tough place….and it is okay to ask for help.
I have no hesitation in recommending Rhonda to help with any questions, queries or concerns anyone may have.
I am certain that Rhonda’s guidance provides benefits beyond your expectations.

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