Hands of Destiny

Renee, Dubai, UAE.

Amazing! After having experienced my own astonishing Reading, Rhonda has now done Readings for several of my friends. I have had a face to face and a phone Reading with Rhonda and both times she has been spot on. Rhonda’s ability to communicate with Spirit enables her to relay much needed accurate information. Both my Readings were clearly understood due to Rhonda’s honest, direct and blunt nature. There is definitely no misconstruing of information and all I had to do was accept. We all know “what we need to do”, however sometimes we are confused or “forget”. Rhonda’s Readings reinforced what I already knew and what actions I needed to follow by communicating with Spirit.

Rhonda helped me to “remember” and realign me with who I am and where I am going. The Readings helped me to stop the struggle, open my eyes and accept my path. If you want to get back “in tune” with who you are and want clarification on your life then get in touch with Rhonda. One piece of advice to get the most out of your Reading: Remember to actually LISTEN and HEAR.

Thank you so much Rhonda!



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