Hands of Destiny

Rob, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I live on the Gold Coast and first heard Rhonda in August 2010 on one of the local radio stations, 1029 Hot Tomato.
Some of what she mentioned in my first reading has already started to show up in my life. I was able to quickly identify the best course of action, rather than miss the opportunity to move forward and get stuck in old patterns.

During our session she was able to easily & clearly identify my core issue that has been limiting and holding me back my entire life. Not only that, but through her extensive network of therapists that she knows, she was able to refer me on to the person who will be able to help me to release this issue. Just one session down and I can already see that within a short amount of time, I will be free and living from my true point of power and happiness.

Rhonda also referred me to a wonderful naturopath who I saw last week and she is helping to support my physical body come back to a state of balance, health and vitality.

Through the information of what Rhonda shared with me in my reading, combined with the 2 other wonderful people that she referred me to, I know that it will only be a short amount of time before I start to experience my transformation into the person that I have always known I can be in the world.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


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