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David, Far North Coast, New South Wales, Australia

I have seen Rhonda 4 times over the last 3 years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I initially saw Rhonda in 2008, as I was concerned about a sudden fall in our financial position, which had never been a problem before. I was seeking answers on specific businesses that we were involved in and while Rhonda gave these answers, my real message was more about concentrating on the “big picture” and seeing why I was being tested and how I could grow from this. In difficult times, it really helps to try to understand why things are happening the way they are. In particular, Spirit showed me that I had an opportunity for my wife and I to further strengthen our relationship. Knowing this was a true blessing and this is exactly what happened.

My wife was initially skeptical but she listened to the tape of my session with Rhonda and could not believe the accuracy of Rhonda’s comments about our children. She had her own consultation and also received great advice and accurate comments on her own big picture.

We have since had 2 joint consultations both of which were fantastic. We had great feedback from Spirit about how we have dealt with our challenges and advice as to possible future challenges. It is great to have this perspective because if you ignore your chances for spiritual growth, they will keep on coming back again and again, in this life and futures lives, until you can’t miss them.

During our most recent visit, Spirit also gave my wife and I some very specific advice to do with our health. In both cases, the potential issues were in fact confirmed by health practitioners, and we were able to take appropriate steps to fix the problems.

We are truly blessed to have seen Rhonda.