Hands of Destiny

Sharon, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I was recommended to Rhonda by a friend, his mum had asked me to sell her home (I sold one for her previously. Our relationship was strictly business, so it was funny that we got onto the subject of clairvoyance (meant to be). I asked him for Rhonda’s details.
My husband and I are currently lacking direction, so I was hoping the Reading would be able to point us in the right direction or at least approve of our thoughts for change. We have a business that is ticking along, but we are not fulfilled.
Rhonda was pretty blunt from the start, although I was prepared for this as my friend had warned me. She spent most of the Reading telling me to make my husband do one thing. She said that until he did this one thing, he would always lack direction and it was important that he listen.
She also dropped a bombshell telling us something very important that we won’t find out for 2 years, it was good because now we can be prepared with support (and not shock) when it happens.

Just to prove to me that she was accurate and very serious about the instruction for my husband, she described my brother and sister to a tee. No-one would be able to say those things unless they were true, or unless the wanted a bop on the nose! lol.
I thought the Reading was very accurate, it didn’t tell me what I wanted to know for myself, but I guess you can’t send a meeting agenda to Spirit.

I will contact Rhonda again for sure and I will certainly trust the things she has said. I have been to lots of clairvoyants in the past who I am sure have a gift, but not since 1982 have I met someone who is as accurate or straight to the point as Rhonda. Meanwhile, I was about to recommend Rhonda to another lady who turned out to be seeing her anyway!

I wish you all the very best and I hope this will help Rhonda to reach more people in need.

Kind regards,


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